Subscription Boxes of just Veteran Owned Businesses 

Media Litter Sandwich EP 161
Talking about a veteran that owns many businesses including podcasts, charities, sports, subscriptions boxes bringing even more veteran companies together . . . . more

Guest: Nick Valentine From

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Looking to buy a house or refinance?

1 on 1 with a Community Organizer (BLM, LGBT)

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 159
Detroit Community Organizer Jamiil Gaston talks to Toaden about the current protests, black lives matter, and general discussions about what a community organizer does and the general feelings of people that attend these events

#blm #blacklivesmatter #lgbt #logic

Jack Keesling Sci Fi Veteran Author in a Media Litter Sandwich

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 156
 Jack Keesling the author of  the “Fists of Arken”. Jack also hosts a live show every Saturday on his Facebook. We hear about veterans writing as a form of therapy, but fantasy adventure books . . .Hear all about how he got started and why. yes Toaden finally got another veteran on the show, the next few shows are veterans till he goes on hiatus unless something special pops up.

#jackkeesling #dvradio #toaden

English Class goes Punk Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich ep 155

Jeffrey Cook is an author who is part of a charity collective whom writes/publishes books that puts a sci-fi punk spin on classic stories. Those books are used in high schools and at least 1 university. The profits benefit an animal charity. Sounds crazy?  

#JeffreyCook #Toaden #PunkClassics
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State of DisUnion Galactic Dust Bunnies Media Litter Sandwich

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 153

Gues is Kathryn David “Galactic Dust Bunnies” creator of State of DisUnion. It is a state personified comic of the United Sates as people. Not unlike the anime Hetalia. We talk conventions, comics, web comics, and history!

#Hetalia #videopodcast #comics