Combat Camera Marine’s Story Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich episode 143 

Former Combat Cameraman USMC Adam Root, tells us what that job was like. They still work in the film industry. How does this relate to other things? Oh yea 2 marines is better than 1

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Dangerous Things with VivoKey RFID on Media Litter Sandwich 141 

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 141 with Amal Graafstra from VivoKey and Dangerous Things. We talk all about chip implants. If you done any research on getting RFID chips for your self for keyless entry or someother purpose. There is a good chance you came across the company Dangerous Things and the name “Amal Graafsta. This ep is all about about the controversies of getting chipped. Amal also talks about the differences between his 2 companies “Dagerous Things” and the more secure “VivoKey”Help me on Patreon  

Ghostbusters Detroit Cars, Events, Movies, and Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich episode 140

The Ghostbusters are back on Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich. Eric Milkman from Ghostbusters: Detroit has several Ghostbuster cars, over 40 members in his Detroit group, and always have events going on. But what are his thoughts on the new Ghostbuster’s movie?   
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Reporter Writes a Book about a Reporter in a Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich EP 139  
 Local Detroit-ish reporter Dave Herndon is back on. Dave talks about writing his first book, getting his name on sport’s center, and what it is like being forced to cover politicians in a small newspaper. I can’t tell you what cities he covers but if you look up his name you will find stories on Debbie Dingle and Rashida Tlaib and Yes Dave does mention that they both facebook message him about his stories.  

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Web Comics to Being Published Media Litter Sandwich 

Media Litter Sandwich EP 137

BluRaven C. Houvener from BCH Comix talks about taking his webcomic “it’s Just another Day” and making it a print comic. We also talk about doing booths and panels at trade shows and conventions

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