Entrepreneurship Startup Bus Media Litter Sandwich

Jay Alchy from Startup Bus Detroit Talks about entrepreneurship contests / hackathon on Media Litter Sandwich ep 85 2018
StartupBus: https://www.startupbus.com/
Jay Alchy: https://twitter.com/jaydbyrd

Urban Style Comics in the Media Litter Sandwich

Andre Batts of Urban Style Comics, Motor City Black Age of Comics, and the writer/artists of several comics including Dreadlocks talks to Media Litter Sandwich in ep 83

Andre Batts: http://www.urbanstylecomics.com/

Media Litter Sandwich on Data Storage

Media Litter Sandwich episode 78 we talk with photographer Jason Paluchniak about data storage. On site/ off site data storage and even security for hard drives.

Jason Paluchniak https://www.facebook.com/jason.paluchniak
Watch or listen/download podcast at https://www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/78

Engineer Behind Promotion Tools Used by Disney Explains How To Promote Online

Stephen Sadler Is an Author Digital Entrepreneur that credits himself mostly as an Engineer. He worked on programs used to promote movies for Disney, Awesomness TV and other production groups. In Media Litter Sandwich ep 77 Stephen explains the theory of how to be popular / promoted on the internet, google, youtube, facebook. His newest company is GoFreq

Media Litter Sandwich with Twiztid and Kevin Nash

Media Litter Sandwich ep 76 with Twiztid and Kevin Nash
Interviews from Astronomicon Rap group / Juggalos Twizted and Wrestler / actor Kevin Nash from Down River / Trenton area. Plus a shout out from Dysfunctional Veterans Radio DV Radio
Website with both video and audio only/download version http://www.medialittersandwich.com/76

Dave Herndon: https://twitter.com/NHDaveH
DV Radio: https://www.dvradio.net/