EP 100!

We celebrate episode 100 at Falling Down Beer company with friends and previous guests. We talk to people who
seek benefits for veterans, play in a band only on live.me and have a following, zombies for cancer charity, photographers, game creators, a dj, an animator, and us!

Electric Otto’s Funk Factory: https://www.facebook.com/electricottosfunkfactory/
Templar Games: https://www.facebook.com/AveTemplari/
Jason Paluchniak: https://jasonpaluchniak.smugmug.com/
Sam: https://artworkofsam.wixsite.com/portfolio
Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl: http://www.wyandottezombiepubcrawl.com/

Filmmakers Organize Southeast Michigan Film Festival at Lincoln Park High School

Media Litter Sandwich Episode 99 we talk to Sundown Pictures about their movies, podcasts, the Southeast Michigan Film Festival being held in Lincoln Park (Downriver) Michigan in a High school, and a lot of other things
Prefer an audio podcast? search for it on your favorite podcast app or go to our website http://www.MediaLitterSandwich.com/99


Troma Dance Detroit Filmmakers 2018

Media Litter Sandwich ep 98: We are at the TromaDance Detroit talking to filmmakers featured in the film festival

Buy Sell Trade: https://www.facebook.com/buyselltrademovie/
The Old Stripper: https://www.facebook.com/oldtimeburlesquemovie/
Flint Rats: https://www.facebook.com/flintrat/

The Amazing Cynicalman Give Advice to Artists

on Media Litter Sandwich episode 96 we talk to Matt Feazell the author of The Amazing Cynicalman about making a movie based off of his comic. Also Stick figure comics compared to a very detailed comic: Crusader Cross

The Amazing Cynicalman
Crusader Cross: https://www.reborncomics.com/

Three Y’s Men Media Talk Comics, Kickstarters, and Podcasting

At the Downriver Comic Convention we interviewed 3 Y’s Men Media about Comics, Kickstarters, podcasting, youtube, and more. Media Litter Sandwich episode 93 (ep 93 with 3 ys men)
3 Y’s Men Media: https://www.thethreeysmen.com/
Downriver Comic Con: http://www.downrivercc.com/

Come see us record our 100th ep: https://www.facebook.com/events/216216949179580/

Troma Film Festival in Detroit: TromaDance

TromaDance Detroit is here again. We have Terence from https://www.tromadancedetroit.org/ is telling us all about it. Terence is also a local filmmaker. TromaDance Detroit is all about indy filmmakers that embody the Troma Spirit


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