How Not To Be Verified Media Litter Sandwich

Episode 108 Toaden in Media Litter Sandwich talks about seeing people complain about the first amendment and how not to be verified on Facebook, Twitter, and all those social media things. Also Toaden Reads some facebook posts

Shari Savage Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich ep 107  Guest Shari Savage compares her professional organizing career with being a stand up comedian. We also discuss her book Always Paint Naked

Live Painting Media Litter Sandwich with Josh Bauer Art

Main Media Litter Sandwich episode 106 with Josh Bauer (JBauerart) We talk about live panting behind music, on a stage, and all around it. Live audiences watching you paint, what is the pressure? Time Frame? Many questions
We also dive into comments about Ms Marvel, Aladdin, and Dumbo

I ask a Reporter How Can The News Mess up So Bad

Media Litter Sandwich ep 104 Dave Herndon is a reporter and a business owner. We talk about how some things are covered in the media and how they can get messed up. The MAGA Hat wearing Covington high school students are a great example.

We also read facebook book comments of Detroit Free Press

Dave Herndon:


Media Litter Sandwich 103

Media Litter Sandwich is back with Ep 103. Special guest Dave from Podcast Detroit and It in the D. The equipment and most sound provided by
Michael Cook asks questions about starting a disk golf youtube

Goodbye Media Litter Sandwich

Episode 102 is the Last episode of Media Litter Sandwich. Why is this the last ep? What will be do now?

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