Madness Heat Press’ Kaiju Poet

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich Ep 152 

Founder of Madness Heart Press John Baltisberger AKA the Kaiju Poet comes on to talk about publishing books and being a horror writer that is known for giant monsters and a non-ironic, non-humorous Jewish flair.

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Having a Batman Car Advertise Your Art

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 150 Josh Bauer returns to Media Litter Sandwich to tell us about his custom Batman car. He uses it to advertise himself, and well it is cool.  Help me on Patreon

Becoming a Stand Up Comedian While on Probation 

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 149

Detroit based comedian Brandon Ponke talking about what it is like being a stand up comedian while on probation. Performing most nights at bars with other stand-ups and not being able to smoke, drink, or do what other performers do. This ep was filmed before the quarantine and across the hall from a hotel bar. Toaden is drinking an expensive martini for this one.   

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Lloyd Kaufman Eats a Media Litter Sandwich at Astronomicon 2020

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 147

Interviews include: 
 Lloyd Kaufman the co-founder of Troma Entertainment
 Speed painter Dave Santia 
The Finest CDFF Eric Santos (GI Joe Cos Player raising money for K9 for Heros)

Cosplay video:

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Mentalist, Magician, Mind Reader, and Media Litter Sandwich 

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 146

Steve, the Amazing is a Mentalist, Magician, Mind Reader, author, and all around entertainer. We talk about why write books only for specific people without opening it up to the public. We also have fun with tricks and parties.

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Pong Detroit Talks Ping Pong Democracy Media Litter Sandwich

Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich ep 145
Pong Detroit is Detroit’s newest Ping Pong / table tennis bar. Mal Lang talks about Ping Pong Diplomacy, Sorry about the bad audio, but these stories are pretty cool

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Combat Camera Marine’s Story Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich episode 143 

Former Combat Cameraman USMC Adam Root, tells us what that job was like. They still work in the film industry. How does this relate to other things? Oh yea 2 marines is better than 1

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