Being in a Family Metal Band

MEDIA Litter Sandwich ep 62 with Mommy’s Lil Monsterz. A family hard core metal band. They share stories about the Why, where, and when .
Mommy’s LiL Monsterz

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Brainstorming Questions for Interviews (and Hats)

Brainstorming Questions. We have lots of interviews coming and wanted to share some tips about coming up with questions that you wouldn’t find out by googling your guest.
Media Litter Sandwich 61

Life as an Older Video / Graphic / Media Student

Life as a college student is in this ep of Media Litter Sandwich. Full time job, full time student, and everything else that goes into being an older student

Media Litter Sandwich episode 60

Clean vs Dirty vs Smart Podcasts

Talking with curse words or 50 cent words. What attitude to use. Talk blue collar or higher class? Do we sound smarter?
guest Donny from Whatever Talk
Episode 57