Rideshare Movie about Uber / Lyft Killer

Tremain Hayhoe (Director) and Bradley Laborman (lead actor) of Rideshare (2017) movie which will be out on 10/13/17 (Friday the 13th)
Rideshare movie website: http://www.ridesharemovie.co/
Media Litter Sandwich Ep 59

I have hung out with both Tremain and Brad (Bradman) at Youtube conventions. They both have vast amounts of experience in social media and entertainment.

Organizing a Zombie Pub Crawl

Talking to the organizers of The Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl
We talk about the charities they raise money for, some of the risks, and why it has been successful

Episode 53 of Media Litter Sandwich.

All About White Balancing

White People Talking about White Balancing. Media Litter Sandwich Episode 50. Ep 50 is all about many ways to white balance your camera. Explaining what it is and many tips and tricks.

Punk Charities for Detroit Areas to Cosplay Swimming – Roll Call at Motor City Steam Con 2017

Media Litter Sandwich 48
Recorded at Motor City Steam Con 2017 http://www.motorcitysteamcon.com/
We spoke to the audience about their passion projects. People combining their randoms with anything from podcasting to charities to a love of history and even discovering Steam Punk through their own writing.

Guests include:
Susan Hillwig: http://susanhillwig.blogspot.com/p/swords-sixguns.html

Otto the Autopilor: http://cvradio313.blogspot.com/

Wholihan’s Wares: https://www.facebook.com/wholihanswares/

Conclave/ Continuumcon:   http://continuumcon.org/

Nerds With Alcohol: http://nerdswithalcoholshow.com/