Detroit Lo-Fi Logan Law and a Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich ep 133 Featuring Logan Law explaining what Lo-Fi is. Other conversations include: Lil Peep, difference between mixing and mastering, being in a band with Kid Rock’s Son, anxiety, and more.

Media Litter Sandwich 132
Tips on what to avoid in planning a convention or event.
I talk about reasons why I stopped going to conventions organized by “Woke” people.  Experiences being discriminate against and open bathroom polices that help drunk stalkers at conventions. Misty Mills from contributes.

YouTube’s New Beta Fails Again

Media Litter Sandwich ep 131
I tried some Beta services from YouTube and rants about this and other things comparing some aspects of where YouTube is now compared to before Google took over.  

Media Litter Sandwich Debunking Convention Lists

Media Litter Sandwich episode 128 with guest Third Hand Bee 14
Straight out of Michigan Comic Con Toaden and Third-Hand-Bee will be debunking some of the B.S. that people tell you to expect to comic conventions.

Deadlift this Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich ep 128 featuring William Bowen; bodybuilding computer nerd/geek

We talk about best workout music, deadlifting records, and tips/tricks of body building and general health, yoga, and nerdism

William’s Youtube:

Olympics of Drinking with Nick Drinks Media Litter Sandwich

Media Litter Sandwich ep 125
This week Nick Britsky from”Nick Drinks” is in the Media Litter Sandwich. Nick explains the fancier world of mix drinks to Toaden while a pre- debate party for a presidential candidate settles down. When you are watching senators and other political representatives walk by the podcast studio you sometimes just need a drink. 

Black Comic Book Characters in the Media Litter Sandwich

Comic book artist/ writer Andre Batts returns to the Media Litter Sandwich to talk about The Black Age of Comics, Dreadlocks, and what it is like going to Black focused Comic Shows around the USA. Toad and Andre also share their thoughts while reading a list of the most known Black Comic Book characters (that neither heard of all the charters listed).