Creating a Gaming Universe with Templar Games

Media Litter Sandwich ep 90 has Veteran owned Templar Games owner/ author Brian Hudson

Detroit located Templar Games has old school RPG, table top games, and novels.

NAB, Professional Conventions, and Microphone Comparisons

Friend of the show Jason Paluchniak visited NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention this year (2018) We watch several clips from NAB and talk about microphone comparisons, professional conventions, and much more

Jason Paluchniak:
Podcast classes/ mic comparison video:

Watch or listen/download this episode on the website:

Mark Reads, Reacts, Does Stuff on Media Litter Sandwich

Mark Oshiro is an author, blogger, and a social media star known for reacting to books and tv. Media Litter Sandwich episode 88 was filmed at Penguicon 2018.
Mark Does Stuff:

Freelancing Weddings and Funerals at LTU Anime Con

Topics include freelance opportunities with general Q/A from the audience about being on youtube/podcasting. It was the best of times and the worst of times for Media Litter Litter sandwich episode 87. We were recording at the LTU Anime Con and Gaming expo 2018 with an audience in Lawrence Technological University. We were also out of focus.

Find out more about this convention at

So Hard to Give Away Music in The Media Litter Sandwich (Kevin Macleod)

Kevin Macleod from is a composer that may be the most used muscian on the internet, if not all media. You can’t go to an indi film festival without hearing his music or even YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo without hearing his music. He talks with us about his latest project and how hard it is to give away music for free on Media Litter Sandwich ep 86

Entrepreneurship Startup Bus Media Litter Sandwich

Jay Alchy from Startup Bus Detroit Talks about entrepreneurship contests / hackathon on Media Litter Sandwich ep 85 2018
Jay Alchy:

Urban Style Comics in the Media Litter Sandwich

Andre Batts of Urban Style Comics, Motor City Black Age of Comics, and the writer/artists of several comics including Dreadlocks talks to Media Litter Sandwich in ep 83

Andre Batts: