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Talking to Harry Tsang who used to be a key figure in a YouTube Network and YouTube focused news blogs. He is creating a community blogging site that rewards interactions using a point system.


Today the blogging site: Internet Creators Journal which is aimed at content creators, like YouTubers, is live.


Harry Tsang made the site for people to both promote themselves and provide another social media networking site.


We spoke to Harry a few weeks ago, he said his reward system is what will make the site stick out in an already crowded field of social networking platforms.


The reward system is based on points, earned from interaction users have within the community. Point systems on community sites make it feel more like a “game” and if people don’t understand about the point system I believe they will leave. In the same understanding if people feel like they are “behind” on points they will also leave. Harry claims his “scientific” point system will not be like that.


Anyone can create their own website to blog on. When we pointed this out Harry said “eventually I will help people do that” for now he concentrating on getting people to his own website. Harry has experience in creating websites and was a Talent Strategist at Thunder Digital Media.


I love the concept of a blogging community based on content or “internet creators”. If Internet Creators Journal were to take off it is another way for smaller content creators to raise up in the ranks on other sites such as YouTube and Twitter.


Harry said he simply cannot attract larger creators at this time. This means smaller creators must grow the site in order to grow their own popularity on the site, hopefully leading to popularity on other sites as well.


As much as I would love a new platform to grow on, a platform that is acting basically as a contest can’t survive long term. As much as we all love a large following bribery won’t work as a means of keeping an audience.


Once we know what the rewards are, and what it takes to earn them we’ll know more, until then it’s all speculation.


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