Punk Charities for Detroit Areas to Cosplay Swimming – Roll Call at Motor City Steam Con 2017

Media Litter Sandwich 48
Recorded at Motor City Steam Con 2017 http://www.motorcitysteamcon.com/
We spoke to the audience about their passion projects. People combining their randoms with anything from podcasting to charities to a love of history and even discovering Steam Punk through their own writing.

Guests include:
Susan Hillwig: http://susanhillwig.blogspot.com/p/swords-sixguns.html

Otto the Autopilor: http://cvradio313.blogspot.com/

Wholihan’s Wares: https://www.facebook.com/wholihanswares/

Conclave/ Continuumcon:   http://continuumcon.org/

Nerds With Alcohol: http://nerdswithalcoholshow.com/

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