New Name?

You may or may not notice but “Media Litter Sandwich” is now “Toaden’s Media Litter Sandwich”. Why did I do this? Mostly for branding reasons. “Media Litter Sandwich” has always been a product of “Toaden” as Toaden is the host, editor, producer, owner, and when I (as Toaden) speak of my podcast this will make it more searchable.

Other people have helped build (and continue to help) build the podcast. I am very thankful to all and always will be. Many of these people have recommended me put the name “Toaden” in the title. This way people know it is me and when I meet new people at networking events they only have to remember “Toaden”.

Will there be other changes? As of now I may start changing some links to instead of Media Litter, but that would mostly be in the archives and have no intention of shutting down any Media Litter Sandwich website as of right now. I don’t even want to change anything. Most of my tags include “Toaden” so I hope I don’t have to do any major rewrites.

I been talking about doing a Patreon (or something like it). If I did do one, I would want people to know that it supports all of my work under “Toaden” and not just “Media Litter Sandwich”. This too plays a part in the name change.

Why not change the whole name instead of just adding “Toaden”? Because that is a lot of work. I mean I could start a whole new podcast, but I like what I do. I don’t see a whole lot changing with this name change. I am not even gonna change the logo since most of the time I have a “Toaden” logo somewhere in it as well. Also, I like the name “Media Litter Sandwich”.

Thank you for all the support and new eps will start Mid to Late January. First few episodes won’t even mention the name change.

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